woodfin-image-RF123-3098052-SEWER.jpegSewer repair or replacement can be a big job, but at Woodfin we do important exploratory work up front that often limits the scope and cost of sewer projects. We use state-of-the-art video equipment to explore your pipes from the inside so that we can locate and diagnose a problem without excavation.

Excavation is often required, but our approach enables us to understand the problem before we break ground and limit the area where we dig.

Be prepared, and know what your repair costs are going to be before we begin - whether it's a clogged line, a break, or damage from tree roots or simply age and erosion. Whatever the problem, we'll be there to fix it, with cast iron or plastic pipes and the experience you trust. Don't wait another minute with slow drains, contact Your Home Team now.

bioclean-watch-video.pngfKeep all your pipes and lines running cleanly with Bio-Clean! Woodfin Plumbing has gone green with Bio-Clean, a highly effective drain cleaning product that uses bacteria and enzymes instead of poisonous chemicals. It will keep your drain lines open, running free and will break down waste in your septic system.