NeedImagex349w_208h.jpgAll Woodfin Propane technicians are licensed, trained and certified to install and repair the propane equipment in your home. Woodfin follows the safety and certification guidelines issued by the Petroleum Education & Research Council (PERC) and the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), and our technicians receive regular training to stay current with the newest equipment and technologies.

From installing your new propane tank, water heater, boiler or furnace, to connecting your propane line to a barbecue grill or pool heater, Woodfin is the best choice for your home.

We value the opportunity to earn your business, and we look forward to faithfully serving your propane needs for years to come!

  • Automatic Delivery - In order to ensure that your propane supply is there when you need it, Woodfin offers several approaches to automatic delivery. Depending upon how you use propane, we can offer delivery based on a calendar schedule, weather-based schedule or electronic monitoring with our Retriever monitoring service. Be sure to discuss these options with your sales representative so that we tailor your delivery arrangements to best meet your individual needs. Enrollment in Automatic Delivery is quick, easy, and free!

    To sign up for automatic delivery please apply with our online credit check.

  • On-Call Delivery - For customers who prefer the "hands-on" approach, we offer on-call delivery services. We ask that you keep an eye on your fuel usage and tank levels, and call us for delivery when the tank is getting low. This gives you the freedom to schedule your deliveries around your budget and convenience. Please be sure to give us a few days’ notice whenever possible.

  • COD Delivery - Cash on delivery is available for customers who wish to pay for their delivery upon arrival. This may be done either by cash/check at time of delivery or credit card through the portal or by phone.

Payment Options:

  1. COD
  2. Credit
  3. Budget
  4. Credit Card