Count on Woodfin for Professional Propane
Equipment Installation

NeedImagex349w_208h.jpgWoodfin installs, maintains and recommends propane equipment from the most reliable manufacturers. We have worked hard to be the preferred Richmond propane provider, and know that our reputation is only as good as the products we service. Rely on Woodfin for:




Heating your home is a big investment. Propane heating systems have efficiencies as high as 98 percent, and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric or oil-fired systems.



A recent report by the Propane Education & Research Council reviewed initial and monthly operating costs to determine average payback time for different heating equipment. This study found that the lower monthly costs of a new propane furnace recover the initial investment in under a year, compared to several years for oil-fired furnaces or electric heat pumps.



A new propane boiler can be rated as high as 90 percent efficient, which may cut your energy usage considerably and may also require less frequent maintenance and service than an older unit. Certain models are small enough to fit into a closet or hung on a wall.



Propane waters heaters will heat the water faster, require less energy, and recover more quickly - which means you've got more hot water for multiple uses at one time. No more cold showers when the dishwasher is running! Propane water heaters can use up to 60 percent less energy than electric units. Woodfin offers both standard storage tank and tankless water heaters.



Heating your home with propane costs far less than heating with electricity - as much as 25 percent less, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's estimates of the cost to generate 1 Million BTUs of heat. Propane heating also produces about 50 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity. Contact Woodfin to find out about our electric-to-propane conversions, to use less energy and reduce your environmental footprint.



If you are thinking about converting to propane, call Woodfin first. Our technicians are experts in both types of fuels. We will review all your options and help you choose a system that’s right for your home.