OUR PROBLEM: The heating and cooling business is very seasonal in nature as you might expect. Generally, cold winters result in fewer home heating and cooling systems purchased, less maintenance work performed, but a spike in demand for service repair work due to the strain on heating systems. Since no one wants to replace their heating system in the middle of winter, it’s hard to keep our install crews busy.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: By anticipating a drop-off in business due to seasonality, we decided to offer you a unique incentive to improve your home’s comfort, slash your energy bills, and stop repair bills for a decade. We're hoping the savings, extra incentives, improved comfort and flexible payment options we pass along will translate into increased business volume to more than offset the discounts.


Contrary to current temperatures, consumer confidence seems to be running high these days according to homeowners we've spoken with around town. Many tell us they are planning several home improvements for 2018. So, we decided to incentivize people to upgrade their comfort system NOW (which slashes your energy bill day one) by lowering our profit expectations during our slower months to keep my business operating at break-even or just above and retain our staff. This should help us maintain stability until business finally picks up in the spring and summer. By letting you win big NOW, our company and co-workers win – it’s a win-win-win! Make sense?

Here’s What You Get*:

  • FREE Engineering Analysis of your Home (a $295.00 value)
  • AT OUR COST SelectAire (or better) Efficiency Home Comfort System (discount off our 2017 retail prices)
  • AVOID 2018 Manufacturer’s 5% price increase!
  • FREE Whole Home Air Filtration System (a $600.00 value)
  • ZERO DOWN and no interest financing for thirty-six (36) months or *6.99% APR for the lowest monthly payment possible
  • FREE Ten (10) year parts & labor coverage (a $750.00 value)
  • TWO YEARS of annual preventative maintenance (a $556 value)

*Financing for qualifying customers. Offer on Select Systems.

Regardless of what old man winter dishes out this year…shorts or shovels? We’ve got you covered!