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Get a New Heating and Cooling System at Our Cost

With No Money Down, $3,779 worth of incentives, PLUS payments as little as $147.76/month or 0% interest for up to 18 months*

Dear Friend,

We are thrilled to announce a limited-time opportunity for you to enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art, highly efficient heating and cooling system, at wholesale prices. Seize the day during our "AT COST" opportunity!

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac (which is historically 81% accurate), this Winter might be rough: "Winter temperatures, precipitation, and snowfall will all be above normal. The coldest spell will run from late January into mid-February, while the snowiest periods will occur in late December, late January, and mid-February."

If the Old Farmer's Almanac is once again accurate, are you willing to gamble that your heating system can endure another snowstorm and cold snap? What happens if a snowstorm shuts down the roads, leaving you trapped without heat for days?

Right now, our industry is facing seasonal challenges and difficulties such as record equipment price increases, materials price surges, equipment shortages, and government mandated energy efficiency increases. Woodfin-Your Home Team has taken the initiative to pre-purchase a large order of heating and cooling equipment, to secure pricing and have equipment readily available. By planning ahead, we can move quickly when needed on timely installations plus also pass along potential cost savings to you before the next price increase.

FACT: Industry insiders are predicting record price increases of up to 23% on new heating and cooling systems in 2024, due to a variety of factors such as continued labor shortages, raw material production delays, increasing fuel costs, shipping interruptions, soaring labor costs, and uncertain consumer demand. PHEW!

When it comes to heating and cooling equipment, the truth is that prices will NEVER be less than they are right now. BOTTOM LINE: Higher industrywide prices appear inevitable.

YOUR CONCERN: We understand the significance of ensuring the safety, health, and comfort of your family during harsh winter conditions, as we’ve worked with homeowners here in Richmond since the late 1970’s. We’ve seen year after year that many homeowners tend to push off upgrading their run-down heating and cooling equipment until it fails (which usually happens during peak demand when the market is flooded with failing systems). In doing so, however, homeowners often struggle with extended wait times, equipment shortages, and inflated prices from other home services companies, which we know is frustrating and inconvenient.

OUR CONCERN: We take great pride in running our highly skilled, highly trained technicians and installation crews running all year round, even if that means we generate little or no profit during our slower months. This is important because we need adequate, well-trained teams on board during our busier months…and we are less likely to have that if we constantly ebbing and flowing our full-time crews throughout the year. We invest heavily in our teams, our technology and our training and feel strongly obligated to take care of our team, no matter what the weather or economy brings us. Opportunities like this one presented to you today enable us to stimulate enough demand to “tread water” during the slower winter months and then make up for that during our busier months when demand surges, like the summer months here in Richmond.

Given the reasons we outlined above, we strongly urge you to consider investing in a new heating and cooling system now, especially if you have an older system that is “living on borrowed time.” Even with the potential for a harsh winter, we know from our years serving the Richmond community that winter is slower for us than summer. Could we be overwhelmed this winter? Yes. But our data suggests that by offering you this type of opportunity to upgrade now, we can hedge our bets and balance our newly acquired supply surplus with potential demand.

Don’t wait until mother nature hits us (and you) hard…because if/when that happens, our inventory will be long gone, and you might be “stuck in the cold.” We have a warehouse full of highly efficient, brand-new heating and cooling equipment and reasonably fast installation timelines.

Get the right system installed by the right company at the right price, right now.

HERE'S MY "Win-Win-Win" OFFER:

Here's What You Get*:

  • FREE Comfort Engineering Analysis of your Home ($295.00 value)
  • AT OUR COST SelectAire (or better) Home Comfort System - 8% discount off our current retail prices and avoid up to 23% price increase! *
  • FREE Whole Home Air Filtration System or UV Germicidal Light ($650.00 value)
  • ZERO DOWN and no interest (0% APR) payments for up to 18 months or as low as 7.99% APR for the lowest monthly payment possible*
  • FREE up to twelve (12) year parts & labor coverage ($900.00 value)
  • TWO YEARS of annual comfort and performance maintenance ($958.00 value)
  • PROTECTION AGAINST SOARING ENERGY COSTS - energy prices soar on average 30% during the winter!


Call our Comfort Team at (804) 767-3027 by Friday, March 31, 2024, to schedule a No Cost Comfort Engineering Analysis. Our Comfort Advisor will evaluate your system and your comfort needs to share with you how much you can save by replacing your old inefficient heating and cooling system sooner, rather than later. This is a free on-site evaluation, and you are under no obligation to buy anything - EVER!

Thank you for reading this letter and thank you for your consideration. I hope you "profit" greatly as a result.

P.S. Manufacturers recommend cleaning your duct work when installing new heating and cooling systems. Take advantage of our bundled services for duct cleaning or duct sealing for additional savings.

*Offer on qualifying systems. Payment plans for qualified customers. May not be combined with other offers. Annual maintenance without interruption. This promotion may end without notice and not be offered in the future. We are doing all we can to keep costs low.


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