Extreme weather conditions, high energy demands, or planned power outages can leave you without power for an unpredictable amount of time. Living in a home without electricity can be dangerous for you, and your other housemates; especially young kids, pets or elderly family members. Avoid the dangers of a blackout when you have a generator installed by the experts by Your Home Team - Woodfin!

A generator has plenty of benefits. One of the main perks of having a generator installed in your home is you’ll have all the power you need to keep the lights on, refrigerator running, and your kids entertained while you watch the news for important updates.

With a New Generator, You Can:

  • Keep your home warm and help prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Charge your phone and stay connected with family/ friends and the news.
  • Keep your refrigerator/freezer running and prevent your food from spoiling.
  • Maintain the power to your home security system to keep you safe.
  • Avoid injury that can be caused by walking around with no/minimal lighting.

Did you already call Woodfin to install your backup generator? We recommend enrolling in one of our Generator Comfort Protection Plans for maximum coverage and discounts!

 A new generator can provide you comfort and safety in the event of a power outage. Contact or call us at (804) 730-5000 and embrace peace of mind knowing that you’ll be connected to your family, friends and news outlets all thanks to your new generator installed by Woodfin!