Have you ever dreamed of being able to control all your home’s functions from one place? With Woodfin Home Automation, that dream is a reality. Now, you have the power to make all your adjustments quickly and conveniently from your smartphone or tablet. Did you forget to switch off a light or appliance before you left the house? Simply switch it off from your phone. Are you uncomfortable with the temperature as you sit back in your favorite chair with your tablet? Use the Home Automation app to control your thermostat. It’s that simple.

With Woodfin Home Automation, you’ll have convenient control like never before:

  • Access door locks, lights, and home appliances on command
  • Adjust your thermostat, so that your home is always at the exact temperature you want
  • Monitor activity in and out of your home with live video surveillance
  • Turn your sprinkler system and water heater on and off
  • Manage your home’s energy usage by scheduling on/off times
  • Keep track of your energy savings

With Home Automation technology, you’ll never have separation anxiety from your home. Instead, everything you need to control it remains right at your fingertips. Your Woodfin Home Team will integrate all your appliances and equipment into your Home Automation System for you. Plus, if something goes wrong in your home, we can be alerted immediately and dispatch the appropriate trained team member. With Woodfin Home Automation, your home will be connected and protected 24/7.

Get your Woodfin Home Automation system through July 31st, 2015 and you’ll receive a free remote light switch, dimmer, or receptacle with your purchase! Call or contact us today to schedule your free Woodfin Home Automation consultation.


By Kelly Williams